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When I look back on my career as a journalist the consistent theme has been how to make our lives better. Before the words self-development, mental health, wellbeing, and even yoga became mainstream, I was writing about these subjects. Under the lifestyle-umbrella I’ve written about health, alternative health, food, fitness, mind-body-spirit practices, personal growth, psychology, wellbeing and travel. I’ve also dabbled in beauty, fashion, crime and celebrities.

My work has appeared in a wide range of publications including Cosmopolitan, Guardian Weekend, Financial Times How To Spend It, the Independent, Psychologies, Time Out, Sunday Times Style. Editing positions include writing and editing the careers pages of the Daily Express, deputy editor of What Diet & Lifestyle, and Sell-Out (lifestyle) editor at Time Out.

My interest in psychology, self development and wellbeing led to writing three popular psychology books for Psychologies Magazine published by Wiley. The format for the books was based on academic research and interviewing academics. This has led to my own academic research, starting with an MSc in Creative Arts and Mental Health, and my current PhD studies.

For the moment my journalism is on pause whilst I concentrate on my PhD studies and learn to write as an academic. I plan to return to my roots, and I’m open to invitations. My intention is to translate my academic knowledge of mental health and to extend my wellbeing journalism to the art of gardening for mental health and wellbeing. I’m a novice gardener without a garden, who began on a whim, got hooked, and set about transforming the communal entrance pathway to the Victorian conversion where I live. In the process I discovered my mind benefited in multiple ways.

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